Dry Ice Devices

Over the past decade dry ice was established as an indispensable component in the most various branches of economy. Our company, the Ice Storm Gmbh, explicitly specialised on the field of high pressure cleaning via ice blasting devices. In order to work most efficiently we only use the newest and most modern technologies: the devices and machines used in production as well as in the actual blasting or cleaning process are all professionally constructed and designed by dry ice specialists and proofed their suitability in recent years. Thus, we can guarantee quality as well as high efficiency – please satisfy yourself about the condition of our products and do not hesitate to ask us any upcoming questions.

Dry ice machines for the production of pellets and blocks

Oknal’s high-quality machines can produce demand-oriented dry-ice-pellets of various granulations. The wide spectrum of our products ranges from 3mm pellets to 10mm and even 16mm pellets. Therefore, we at Oknal offer nuggets as well as most finely granulated pellets with differing lengths for every required purpose. Besides, our offer also includes blocks of dry ice for cooling cargos of all sorts reliably and which are also frequently used by catering services. Another important branch is the cooling of pharmaceutics and medical goods – at Oknal’s quality counts and can be guaranteed.

Requirement-oriented dry ice blasting devices

Only the interplay of high-quality dry-ice-pellets and blasting power make a satisfying cleaning performance possible: The ATES Group’s dry ice machines guarantee both the highly efficient use of dry-ice-pellets as well as the essential blasting performance. In addition, our machine development is mainly influenced by our long-term experience and based on concepts of practical use: our machines are perfectly sized for the flexible use in industrial facilities but still robust and widely applicable. If you have any questions regarding our machines and devices, please do not hesitate to either call or write us.

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