Dry ice pellets may function in two different ways: On the one hand dry-ice heavily cools down the dirt which results in removing from the surface. The dirt contracts due to the intense CO2 undercooling and, as a result, becomes recalcitrant. Consequently, the thermoelectric voltage cleans layers of soil from the surface. The continuous high speed blasting eventually removes all remaining particles of dirt.

Double Effect- a favourable balance

Thus, there are two reasons that guarantee our method’s success: The thermal and the mechanical effect. The surface itself is not damaged which constitutes the main advantages of dry-ice blasting. Apart from that, as already mentioned above, remaining residues will not occur which makes our method highly ecological. If you have any questions concerning the application of our dry-ice blasting devices, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Functional principle of the dry-ice-blasting-machines

The 3mm pellets stored in the dry-ice machine’s storage container fall through a metering device into the manifold. Triggering the blasting gun creates a vacuum sucking in the pellets, which are ejected through adequate high-performance nozzles with a speed of about 300m/s and eventually blasted onto the surface to be cleaned. If you are interested in the capability and efficiency of our dry-ice blasting machines, do not hesitate to contact us.

Range of application

Recently, dry ice was mainly used in the food, printing, automotive, and shipbuilding industry as well as in foundries and for mould cleanings. Nonetheless, its distinctive features qualify dry ice for far more possible applications, which we would like to point out to you in detail – please call us and we will delighted to give you our most profound advice.

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