The costs

The high flexibility and the requirement-oriented process minimise your own risk as long maintenance periods and machine downtime can be easily avoided. Moreover, there will be no additional disposal costs as the dry ice completely sublimes after the usage and creates no moisture, which will enable you to clean certain machines live or with high temperatures.

The surface

Our small and comparatively soft dry-ice-pellets only remove the layers of dirt without damaging the underlying surface.

Range of application

As you can easily adjust the pressure and speed according to your requirements, the blasting process can be tailored to the certain type of surface or soil. Long maintenance periods and machine downtime can be easily avoided, as even the most inaccessible places and corners will become reachable by our mobile devices and its far-reaching blasting and the small size of our 3mm pellets.

The environment

The ecological advantages of dry ice are highly obvious as it is non-poisonous, non-combustible, as well odour- and tasteless, and can completely evaporate. Thus, dry ice seems to be the perfect product for cleaning an enormous range of possible facilities as well as cooling pharmaceutic and medical goods or groceries since it reaches temperatures of -79°C. If you have any further questions, please let us know and our competent team will give you our most profound advice.

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