Dry ice cleaning can be applied quite widely: the blasting process can clean various kinds of surfaces and materials, such as machines, electronic boards, tools and devices, and also facades of all shapes and sizes. All surfaces will be carefully cleaned without damaging the underlying material, which allows you to clean even most sensitive objects. For instance, surfaces decontaminated by microorganisms were verifiably cleaned with help of dry ice blasting devices, which makes the process the most efficient on today’s market.

Functional Cleaning – high flexibility

Another advantage of our cleaning devices is the tremendous practical flexibility: facilities, machines and devices do not have to be deconstructed labour-intensively for the purpose of cleaning. In contrast, long maintenance periods and machine downtime can be easily avoided, as even the most inaccessible places and corners will become reachable by our mobile devices and its far-reaching blasting. Moreover, the dry ice will leave no moisture or remains apart from the removed layers of dirt after subliming.

Unlimited cleaning applications

Dry ice is verifiably food-safe as well as odour- and tasteless. Therefore, summarizing all the cited advantages it becomes obvious that Oknal’s dry-ice-pellets have an enormously wide range of application. As you can easily adjust the pressure and speed according to your requirements, the blasting process can be tailored to the certain type of surface or soil. If you need any further information, please consult our competent team at any time.

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